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UniMax Floor Mounted (Walk-in) Fume Hoods

UniMax Floor Mounted (Walk-in) Hoods are designed to safely isolate equipment, materials, and procedures from the surrounding area and exhaust hazardous fumes.


UniMax FM Hoods Modular Construction

UniMax Floor Mounted Hoods are supplied in standard models from 6’ to 24’ wide, with various depth and height options. The unique modular construction features 2” thick walls that have chemical and fire resistant composite resin U.L. 1805 compliant surface panels, and meets ASTME-84.
This also allows the hood to ship knockdown and 
be moved through standard lab entry doors 
for easy on site assembly. 

Engineered To Meet Your Project Requirement

Equipped with vapor proof fluorescent light, LED, 
or, explosion proof light fixtures that are available, in 115V 60Hz or 230V 50Hz electrical service.
All factory installed. 

UniMax Entry Access Door Options:

Add FG, FS, SC suffix to model number.

FG – Framed Glass Door with Overhead 
Sliding Track Supplied with (4) doors on (2) tracks, 
doors slide horizontally in an overhead track.

FS – Framed Glass Door with Floor Sliding Track

Supplied with (4) doors on (2) tracks, doors slide 
horizontally in a lower floor track. The floor track
threshold is 0.75” high. 

SC – Strip Curtains 

Clear vinyl strip curtains provide containment in 
addition to the ability to move drums, cylinders, or 
equipment easily through for processing or storage.


UniMax Floor Mount (Walk-in) Hood Descriptions


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