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UniFlow AireStream Laboratory Fume Hoods

UniFlow hoods About

Innovation is the Difference Between the Same Perspective and an Entirely New one.

Traditional Fume Hoods vs UniFlow Fume Hoods

UniFlow Fume Hoods VS Traditional Hoods

UniFlow Fume Hood Chemical Applications

One Piece Integral Fume Chamber. Exterior composite FRP Super Structure for total chemical & corrosion resistance. Meets NFPA-45 fire resistance requirements, For use of plastics in laboratories. Any heat generating equipment should be elevated at least 3 inches above worksurface, and at least 3 inches away from side walls and baffle.

Fume Hood Types

Chemical Resistance Chart

UniFlow Fume Hoods are constructed of white composite Fiberglass Reinforced Polyester (FRP) material. FRP is an excellent general purpose material for fume hood construction.

• Superstructure features unitized dual wall constuction with integral one piece fume chamber for total chemical resistance, non-sparking construction, for hazardous locations.

• UniFlow HiPel FRP Composite construction is UL 1805 Classified for Laboratory Fume hoods and cabinets.

• HEMCO HiPel FRP composite conform to NFPA 45 for products used in laboratories.

• To provide for the best airflow performance through the fume chamber, any heat generating equipment should be elevated 2" to 3" above work surface and 4" to 6" away from side walls and rear baffle system, and at least 6" away from the sash opening.

Chemical resistance of HEMCO’s most widely used FRP composite construction, and other liner material options.

Chemical Resistance Chart

Industries We Serve

• Life Sciences • Academic • Pharmaceutical • Chemical • Aerospace• Government • Research & Development • Cannabis • Forensics • •Manufacturing • Engineering • Robotics • Safety • Petroleum • Coatings • Industrial • Automotive • Laboratory • HVAC • Quality Control •Electronics • Food Processing • Facility Maintenance • Spectroscopy • Health Care • Medical • Public Works • Water Treatment • Genetics •Correctional Institutions • Architects • Microscopy • Clinical • Packaging • Additive Manufacturing • Lasers • Loss Prevention •
• Metal Fabricating • Filtration • Construction • Education • Energy • Environmental • Green Building • Photonics • Composites • Drug Development •Heavy Equipment • Mining • Nuclear • Pathology •

Fume Hood Lineup
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