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UniFlow SE Dual Entry Fume Hoods

UniFlow SE Dual Entry Air Bypass Hoods are ideal for demonstration or applications where observation and access is required from both sides of the fume hood. Dual Entry Hoods are available in 48”, 60”, 72”, & 96” widths and in 30”, 36” & 48” depths. They can be positioned on an island or in peninsular locations. Dual Entry Hoods can also be located on a common wall of two rooms with accessibility from either room. 

SE Dual Entry Fume Hoods

UniFlow Superstructure exclusive unitized dual wall construction for superior chemical resistance, strength, and durability. Meets NFPA-45 classification with flame spread of less than 25 per ASTM E-84. 

Access Panel removable to access ducting connections, plumbing & electrical services from a single point electrical box, 115/60Hz AC operation.

Full 28” Viewing Height Sash with 28” sash opening height for ease of access and viewing tall apparatus setup. Sash is 3/16 thick tempered safety glass, with chemical resistant non-metallic PVC framing, track, and aerodynamic sash lift (horizontal sash). Sash handle for efficient air flow and ease of 
movement. Standard horizontal sash, optional vertical sash, specify sash for each side. 

Angled Picture Frame Opening the aerodynamic face opening with air foil provides uniform air flow into the fume chamber and thru the Vector AireStream Baffle System.

Air Flow Monitor with Repeater (Optional equipment) flush mounted air flow Monitor for Dual Entry Fume Hoods only. It features a back lit display which displays the air flow velocity or Air flow status. Cat No. 51405

Plumbing Services fixtures are color coded to specific service. (Optional equipment) 

Epoxy or Phenolic Worksurfaces 
(Optional equipment) 

SE Dual Sashes

UniFlow SE Dual Entry Fume Hood Cat. No. 12160
shown with optional epoxy resin worksurface, and base 


Fume Hood Base Cabinet 
(Optional equipment) 

UniFlow SE Dual Entry Fume Hoods

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